Tristan Perich on Edda Renouf

Like the haze from 42 meteors, Renouf’s marks capture both the essence of an action and the separate but related flurry of activity around it. Our laws of physics tend to rip things apart over time, from rusting metal and organic decomposition to the large-scale expansion of our universe. A drop of color dilutes in water because Brownian motion pulls its molecules hither and thither until its hue is averaged with its environment. But in Renouf’s Incisions, dilution isn’t just a byproduct of a physical process. Curving slightly to the left or wisping downwards, her marks capture a deliberate process, reflecting some pattern within her creative mind. They abstract the relationship between an object and its effect through repeated iteration. Suspended without motion since 1975, her marks and their haze are as timeless as these meteors in space.

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