Suzanne Bocanegra on Jill Baroff

Autumnal Equinox.

The sequencing of the five panels is meant to demonstrate the passing of the season, I think. The panels are swatches, bits of a whole, framed in a line and read from left to right; the grid grows larger as we read. The lines divide and make a whole, in rhythm, like an eye closing and an eye opening.

Then you look closer.

The lines repeat the horizontal and the vertical fibers of the paper. The lines are like a warp and a weft, yet this warp and weft aren’t woven in cloth, but rather drawn – fleshy and pale, somewhat brown, somewhat red. This warp and weft weave the eye. The closer you look, the farther you see – the changes in focus, in scale, in detail. Ever focusing, ever fading.

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