Stephen Antonakos on Russell Crotty

Notes on a Round Drawing

First, it is good to see a large round drawing–something I don’t see often. I like the idea of a large overall area of dense dark ink strokes coming down from the top and then separating so that the surface below is increasingly lighter.

The drawing makes you look closer and closer to investigate it more carefully, until you realize there are small white circles located throughout the drawing. I enjoyed this discovery.

The bottom arc of the drawing is even lighter than the lowest strokes, and it is made up of the title of the comet repeated, apparently spontaneously, with slight irregularities of size and of line curvature, filling the area between the bottom of the vertical strokes and the bottom edge of the circle. This hand-lettered, horizontally-filled area seems to me more spontaneous than the probably equally-unforced vertically-filled area above. I am not sure why. But I like this area too–again, partly because it rewards close reading.

I like this lettering very much.

For a presentation of a phenomenon that is usually seen as a bright light soaring across a very dark space, this drawing has an enormous sense of calm.

September 2010

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