John Fraser on Esteban Vicente

Esteban Vicente’s work is improvisational, like that of many of his contemporaries. His paintings are dominated by atmosphere, suggestion, and gesture. In comparison, his investigations in collage yielded more direct physical findings, resulting from additive and subtractive processes.

Shapes dominate this intimate, restrained collage. Together they evidence a series of decisions–a union of forms that now exists both as metaphor and as strict, abstract composition. Employing a builder’s logic, Vicente placed shape upon shape; altering, replacing, and working them with wet and dry touch. An equilibrium was achieved–no, found–via a push and pull…a call and response…a communication between sight and insight.

A quiet, condensed air exists in this collage. Value and hue are in balanced accord, the whole being a sum of its parts. What is seen and felt here, having been coaxed out of remnant material–the skin of paper.

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vernon ford says:

Yes, a wall of peeling paper exposing stone. A voluptuous and earthy bit of marks that has the poetic hue of Spain.
He has taken me to Segovia without buying a ticket. A drawing of a painting!