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Kristin Holder on William Anastasi

Untitled (Pocket Drawing) is a blind drawing made between the limbs of the arm and leg, next to the body instead of in front of it. These scratches and scrawls are recordings—ticks and twitches of the body, mind, and eye—that multiply as Anastasi folds and refolds the paper. The drawing’s intensity is evident twofold: first, in the glare of graphite, a sheen that is produced by pressing forcefully, and second, in the creation of a much fainter image—the transfer and mirror image of the primary marks. (I have to refrain from using the terms ‘original’ and ‘copy’ as the two drawings are made simultaneously.)

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William Anastasi on Karen Schiff

First viewing the drawing without knowledge of its energizing motivation, I found the organization and colors musical in the extreme–a work that I believe would survive repeated audition.

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