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Tristan Perich, Machine Wall Drawing

Live video feed of Tristan Perich’s Machine Wall Drawing, currently installed at the Katonah Museum of Art.

Click here to watch the machine drawing!

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Christine Hiebert on Tristan Perich

Is this drawing an alibi for
what the artist was doing between 1:11 and 4:32pm?
It draws us close; we’re willing to listen.
Even as the markings are decoy:
etched by code-driven stylus — switched on, later off.
Perhaps forensics will find fingerprints
in the soft white of the paper,
handled with uncharted frequency
on forgotten days.

Look closer…

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Tristan Perich on Edda Renouf

Like the haze from 42 meteors, Renouf’s marks capture both the essence of an action and the separate but related flurry of activity around it. Our laws of physics tend to rip things apart over time, from rusting metal and organic decomposition to the large-scale expansion of our universe.

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