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Tad Mike with Kristin Holder

Tad Mike: The issue of touch or lack of touch in your work is of interest. You are dealing with something as fragile as soot. There is this issue of approach, namely, how you begin to approach a white sheet of paper and marry these two disparate elements together. Do you imagine and prepare for a number of variables and factors to create these pieces?

Kristin Holder: Yes, pain being the first thing, burning myself. (Laughter)

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Tad Mike on Barry Le Va

Barry Le Va: In the Realm of Bach, Voltage and Love

Just as the needle threads in and out on both sides of the surface being sewn, so also the mind plunges down and reappears, tracing and linking with its strands the surface of things which is the world, the canvas of categories. It forms patterns on the latter, and their first outlines…Embroidery.
Paul Valéry

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Mary McDonnell on Tad Mike

The composer Cornelius Cardew wrote an instruction in his 1969 Nature Study Notes (HMSIR43) for the participant-performer to walk down the street, “…picking up en route odd items, such as driftwood, scrap metal, etc. Make sounds in any way with the items picked up.”

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