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Teo González on Mark Sheinkman

Rubbing and erasing, dark and light, simple yet complex; all of these contradictions weave together to form 9.21.95 – a graphite drawing, which artist Mark Sheinkman erases as much as he draws.

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Mark Sheinkman on Terry Winters

This powerful drawing by Terry Winters is a delicate piece of heavily worked paper with dissolving, frayed edges. It is the size of a very large book, an elephant folio. The “ground” is dense, reflective graphite and the “figure” is mostly the undrawn wove-gridded dirty ochre of the paper itself. Mark-making has been recorded in three dimensions, as dents and wrinkles in the thin skin of the paper itself, like Freud’s mystic writing pad. This reflective three-dimensional surface changes dramatically as you move.

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