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John Fraser on Nicole Fein

1). Self-reliance: heart / mind / eye / hand.
Mastery of the most fugitive of media: watercolor.

2). Required Tools: pigment, suspension, brush, support, and SELF.

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Elena del Rivero on John Fraser

A shape resembling a ruler is placed in the middle of two rectangular sheets of paper making a cross. This shape is made mostly of paper, but I also see different textures, some tarlatan and fabric as well. The materials blend together as if by the sheer magic of an architect’s mind; the result is a beautiful, constructed drawing, an exquisite mixed media formalistic collage on Japanese paper. While its strength may be geometry, there is also a refined subtlety of color that draws me closer to the work.

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John Fraser on Esteban Vicente

Esteban Vicente’s work is improvisational, like that of many of his contemporaries. His paintings are dominated by atmosphere, suggestion, and gesture. In comparison, his investigations in collage yielded more direct physical findings, resulting from additive and subtractive processes.

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