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Joan Witek on Richard Serra

“I understood that drawing was like writing in another language. I have never felt that drawing per se is inadequate as a device, even though I’m aware of its limitations and conventions. As an activity it is sufficient within itself and as such has nothing to do with any other mental or physical activity. It is the most conscious space in which I work. Drawing gives me an immediate return for my effort and the result is commensurate with my involvement. The give and take is instantaneous.”

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Joan Witek on Lawrence Weiner

In 1976, Donald Judd made a small drawing in pencil on yellow paper, a color we don’t often associate with serious-minded “minimal” work. Lawrence Weiner’s drawing from the same collection, featured here, was made years later but uses this same “surprise” of a background color. Whereas the Judd is on colored paper, Weiner has delicately painted his background. The effect is to bring the image closer to the viewer, pulling it away from its white border and nearer to us –making it more real.

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Annabel Daou on Joan Witek

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