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Jill O’Bryan on Linda Lynch

Inside this drawing live an infinite number of drawings, fluidly created and recreated by the artist until black pastel pigment and white paper coexist, neither one emerging triumphant over the other. Impossible to erase, the black pastel demands a one-way journey. Once black, forever black. And yet the white of the paper is not just the absence of black… just as Dark Ribbon Drawing is not a drawing of a ribbon. The conceptual origin of this work is Minimalism. Lynch says: “Pigment, plane, paper. Nothing more.”

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Nicole Fein on Jill O’Bryan

Grounded by air,
This is a meditation.
One by one, each breath becomes a mark.
The marks are steady and regular,
yet each one is unique.
To observe one’s breath without affecting it;
to move with it, without moving it.
To become conscious of the unconscious.
Documenting presence, the drawing is a diary,
ever evolving.

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Jill O’Bryan on Robert Smithson

Asphalt Spiral is a completely perfect yet craggy schematic for an imagined earthwork, so I just walk right into it. The line quality encodes signifiers immediately read: crosshatching on the even, solid surfaces of the roads; dots and up and down strokes indicating the earth; squiggly lines indicating the dripping ooze of pure liquid asphalt.

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