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William Corbett on Christine Hiebert

A pleasure of abstract art is just now, just here where the blue of the tape meets…you can see it again years from today remembering just when, just where—the quick gesture intact, caught by surprise, delight intensified.

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Christine Hiebert on Tristan Perich

Is this drawing an alibi for
what the artist was doing between 1:11 and 4:32pm?
It draws us close; we’re willing to listen.
Even as the markings are decoy:
etched by code-driven stylus — switched on, later off.
Perhaps forensics will find fingerprints
in the soft white of the paper,
handled with uncharted frequency
on forgotten days.

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Christine Hiebert on Ursula von Rydingsvard

This is a rare offering from Ursula von Rydingsvard—first, as a drawing on paper, and second, as a representational image. It suggests a standard use of drawing, no less profound for its being perfunctory: to fix an object in memory.

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