William Corbett on Hadi Tabatabai

“Mere description is the beginning and end of good art criticism.” – Patrick Heron

Mere description is, for this writer, the most enjoyable part of art criticism. What are the words for what I’m looking at? What are the words for what I see in what I’m looking at?

DF in both titles stands for drafting film. I could go online to see what drafting film is, but I’m looking, not looking it up.

DF-27    Grid    Framed pictures    Boxes dark inside    Slides    White around dark

DF-29    Cubes    Grid    Boxes dark gray    Blocks

Both works are 12 x 11 inches. They could be ten times the size, yet no more concentrated.

What is seen when looking: new days in a new month on a new calendar page. Like all days, empty spaces until we fill them in or X them off. Their divisions are arbitrary: 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours. There is a tribe in West Africa that keeps to a four-day week. Every day we have faith in the arbitrary.

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