Teo González on Mark Sheinkman

Rubbing and erasing, dark and light, simple yet complex; all of these contradictions weave together to form 9.21.95 – a graphite drawing, which artist Mark Sheinkman erases as much as he draws.

The piece, as non-referential as it is, brings to mind a number of interpretations: flowing water, piled fabric, a fuzzy TV screen – all of it with a subtlety that makes the image soothing and enveloping.

Wide streaks stretch horizontally while wisps of vertical lines tug downward, suggesting a fluidness that is wholly organic in composition. The act of adding and removing these graphite lines forces the eye to slow down and to submit to these crosscurrents of flow long enough to ride their waves — an effect so arresting, you never want to let it go.

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Ana Mosseri says:

In this exhibition, almost every artist has a specific intent in his/her process and makes that part of the artwork itself. I also noticed that a lot of the pieces use opposite themes/colors/shapes/etc in harmony with one another. This piece does both.
At first, because of its fluidity and its calming effect, it did not jump out at me. The movement that the drawing creates is stunning and quite obvious, but it was not until I stepped closer that I began to see how fascinating other aspects of the piece are. Moving closer and further away from it showed me how beautiful and clever Sheinkman’s illusion of dimension is. His media, graphite on paper, is used in a rare and specific way that challenges the viewer to ponder his process. I love the fact that he employs pencil and eraser equally in his work because it suggests a sense of balance that is not only visible in the final piece, but is rooted in his process.
There is a lot to be said for the complexity of this drawing.

I can’t help but think of a hologram when looking at this work. No matter how hard I try, it is impossible to follow the line from the left side to the right and vice versa…. I see and feel motion….twisting and turning. It’s almost dizzying, like being on a merry go round and trying to look at everything as you fly by…it’s amazing…i’m in awe.