Teo González on Elena del Rivero

In Letter to Wynn Kramarsky, Elena del Rivero entices the viewer — or reader, depending on one’s reference point — to look deeper into this painted-over letter. It is a mystery that will never be revealed, not even to the person for whom it was written.

One’s first instinct is to scratch away the lines as if the drawing were a lottery ticket, unearthing the words and revealing the reason they were covered with such painstaking intimacy. The covered text is only manifested in the textured lines of gold on the page, which through alchemical means transcend the letters and turn their message into something eternal and forever shining.

Maybe there is nothing beneath these layers of gold, and Letter to Wynn Kramarsky is a joke that only the sender and the receiver will understand. Or perhaps all one needs to do is read between the lines for all to be revealed. Either way, this enigmatic work leaves us wanting more, because we
will never know the hidden message that we seek.
Perhaps that is the point…

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vernon ford says:

These marks I made before seeing anyones paper in this while studying as a docent.
I’m posting them to the work of Elena for her text in kind.
My text from top to bottom gets lighter which I can’t articulate in this post.


Field clear
waiting for winter words
deep dug trenches
surrounding our world inside
cicles of ice teeth
guarding the yard way

This idea of an idea
these words just letters
punched on my screen
from mind to machine
in bone black
on a face of Times

This drawing in line
no pen or brush
ink or gouache
could it be carbon
or is it just peat
on my recycled sheet

white from up there
on a grid to show where
covering my text
at any given time
this element of chance
an artistic inspiration.