Sarah Zabrodski on Brice Marden

“I love how drawing is so close to you. It comes right out of you.” – Brice Marden

To create a square and two rectangles from five singular lines might be considered a bit of a geometric riddle. But here Marden eschews puzzle solving for process and turns simple lines into vehicles for internal expression. Despite the seemingly straightforward task of drawing three shapes from five lines, the movement behind these lines belies a broader range of technical considerations and expressive charges.

A casual glance gives the eye an impression of straight, uniform lines on paper. It only takes a moment longer to realize that every minute millimeter composing these lines has been carefully rendered, built up from many smaller marks upon smaller marks. The thickness of these lines varies due to this pile-up of smooth graphite on wax. Meticulous. Layered. Precise. Irregular. The artist’s hand is everywhere. Expression is thus achieved not by constructing two rectangles in a square, but by allowing the viewer to glimpse the direct transference of feeling and intensity from hand to paper.

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vernon ford says:

Here are the words for that blank page.
Not just about Brice but all the marks and the makers in the exhibit.

vernon ford says:

A pure graphic idea of an idea using line, form, texture and tone in a great composition.
For me an elegant blank page in a book waiting for my words.