Mark Sheinkman on Terry Winters

This powerful drawing by Terry Winters is a delicate piece of heavily worked paper with dissolving, frayed edges. It is the size of a very large book, an elephant folio. The “ground” is dense, reflective graphite and the “figure” is mostly the undrawn wove-gridded dirty ochre of the paper itself. Mark-making has been recorded in three dimensions, as dents and wrinkles in the thin skin of the paper itself, like Freud’s mystic writing pad. This reflective three-dimensional surface changes dramatically as you move.

The digital reproduction of this drawing by Terry Winters is a dimensionless image at one moment in time, under one condition of light. It is gray and black and not reflective. It is as big or as small as your screen. You zoom in and you zoom out. The drawing reproduced digitally is backlit glare, an image lost in translation.

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