Linda Lynch on Mark di Suvero

I really like the sound of steel. – Mark di Suvero

Space.   Gravity.   Sound.   Sight.

To draw the fields that allow form to be perceived in a work of art compels imagining them first. Not to imagine: form. But, to imagine what form may require: imagining space; imagining gravity; imagining sound; imagining sight.

Untitled offers a record of di Suvero’s action that imagines space first. A black sumi spider erupts on the paper plane as an immediate history of gesture and memory of movement. Di Suvero comprehends original space on paper and forces it to superficially leave that primordial realm by engaging it. Original space in Untitled, though changed now by form, retains its primary nature through di Suvero’s mastered understanding of its unity with form.

Born of space and motion, form becomes the locale in which di Suvero maps his next monument, in firm lines of white. Like a delicate after-armature, this pallid map echoes a sumi memory of action that began in pure space.

In Untitled, it is as if the history of movement itself would become the suspension bridge of a forged di Suvero honoring imaginary fields.

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