Hadi Tabatabai on Teo González

To borrow a phrase from singer-songwriter Kate Bush: “I put this moment here.” This makes a good description of Teo González’s Drawing 176.

You see small drops of diluted ink placed on paper in a grid format–twenty-five hundred drops to be exact. I imagine that the drops were placed like writing, from left to right, top to bottom. Then the artist makes a second pass: a small amount of undiluted ink is placed in the middle of the drops that hadn’t dried. The dried-up dollops are left empty. The second pass reinforces the importance of each attentive act.

Following the drops row by row, you might come to a fork. Then you realize that this is not about finding a right or a wrong path. It’s about discovering the importance of process and engagement. This seemingly senseless act is a documentation of Teo’s passage through life.

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