Elena del Rivero on Anne Chu

In this small drawing, a pigmented square is barely visible within the margin of the cotton paper; overlapping this square is yet another, stitched with black thread. All of this is offset by a large bright red contour in the shape of a clover. This drawing, made in 1994, calls to mind many of Chu’s preoccupations: the yarn and embroidered fabric that have been part of her vocabulary for years and the bright colors she has used in her figurative sculptures, glazed ceramics, paintings, and watercolors. The drawing attracts and holds my attention not only because of the thoughtfully placed objects and their starkly contrasting colors, but also because of the visual meanings these elements invoke.

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“Listen”…….can’t you hear the very faintest hint of a breeze as the happy crimson flower swings delicately back and forth….and back and forth….