Christine Hiebert on Tristan Perich

Is this drawing an alibi for
what the artist was doing
between 1:11 and 4:32pm?
It draws us close; we’re willing to listen.
Even as the markings are decoy:
etched by code-driven stylus —
switched on, later off.
Perhaps forensics will find fingerprints
in the soft white of the paper,
handled with uncharted frequency
on forgotten days.

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Pamela Hart says:

Behind the idea is the machine

Rosita Benson says:

Re: Tristan Perich’s Wall Drawing

Behind the felt tip pen is a clothes pin
Behind the pincers is nearly invisible fishing line
Behind the pulley filaments are two spools
Behind the pulling and the letting go is an impulse
Behind the urge to act is a plan written on a computer
Behind the memory chip is the twenty-something block himself
Thin as a pencil, more, twin, he is no less than the best mark makers
Behind the installation and the performance
Behold the mind of a true Sharpie