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Suzanne Bocanegra on Jill Baroff

The sequencing of the five panels is meant to demonstrate the passing of the season, I think. The panels are swatches, bits of a whole, framed in a line and read from left to right; the grid grows larger as we read. The lines divide and make a whole, in rhythm, like an eye closing and an eye opening.

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Allyson Strafella on Suzanne Bocanegra

standing side by side.
Rows arouse doubt,
—a search
for an exit.

Yet during the performance
in the poppy field,
the crowds stand tall, swaying slightly.
Each figure moves like a pendulum,
bowing to its forces.

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Annabel Daou on Suzanne Bocanegra

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Suzanne Bocanegra on Mel Bochner

There is a paradox at the center of Theory of Painting—the graph paper gives it away. It is a set of instructions about how to make something: a plan, an architectural description of a kind of sequential change. And yet, it’s four drawings. Mel Bochner is making something and thinking about making something at the same time.

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