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Nicole Fein on Stephen Antonakos

Fiocco’s Allegro
Shifting currents
Changing seasons
Merge and emerge
Lines illuminating the beauty of life

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Nicole Fein on Bruce Conner

Intricate designs unfold
One after the next
A mystical narrative
Inspiring wonder
The mystery lies in front of you
Drawing you in
To crack the code

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Lynne Woods Turner on Nicole Fein

One may view a work of art on the screen, but a true experience demands the presence of the object itself. Nicole Fein’s watercolor drawings are particularly worthy of personal observation. Fortunately, this writer has some prior experience of the work in question.

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John Fraser on Nicole Fein

1). Self-reliance: heart / mind / eye / hand.
Mastery of the most fugitive of media: watercolor.

2). Required Tools: pigment, suspension, brush, support, and SELF.

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Nicole Fein on Jill O’Bryan

Grounded by air,
This is a meditation.
One by one, each breath becomes a mark.
The marks are steady and regular,
yet each one is unique.
To observe one’s breath without affecting it;
to move with it, without moving it.
To become conscious of the unconscious.
Documenting presence, the drawing is a diary,
ever evolving.

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