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Gloria Ortiz-Hernández on Dove Bradshaw

The first thing we learn about this drawing from the information provided by the artist is that it is a work of small dimensions. Its title, Without Title, offers no additional information. But then the words [Carbon Removal] indicate that carbon is at least one of the materials involved in the making of this drawing and that, instead of being added on, it was removed.

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Dove Bradshaw on Trisha Brown

The feet in this drawing are expressive–the kind of expression more normally seen in hands. They reveal the articulation of hard work; they are the feet of Trisha Brown, a revolutionary choreographer. When asked to write about this drawing, I was told that it was made with the artist’s foot. Perhaps the halting signature serves as a clue.

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Dove Bradshaw on Joseph Zito

Was one plate made of copper?

Was the other aluminum?

Did each plate weigh 180 pounds? These were my thoughts as I looked at this print, not being familiar with the work.

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