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Allyson Strafella on Robert Barry

It has order 1969-70
Robert Barry

On It has order 1969-70
Allyson Strafella

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Allyson Strafella on Suzanne Bocanegra

standing side by side.
Rows arouse doubt,
—a search
for an exit.

Yet during the performance
in the poppy field,
the crowds stand tall, swaying slightly.
Each figure moves like a pendulum,
bowing to its forces.

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Elena del Rivero on Allyson Strafella

The beauty of Allyson Strafella’s carbon paper drawing process lies not only in the unique work of art that is its product, but also in the way her use of a simple and common duplicating device—carbon paper—calls to mind the most central elements of the art of drawing.

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Allyson Strafella on Richard Tuttle

Thirty-five lines on Step (#35),
Including the presence of this heading
And the spaces between:

A step to where?
Are all 35 necessary to get us there?
I think yes, but not so.
Seemingly informal squares.
Located, they have purpose;
I may never know.

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