Allyson Strafella on Robert Barry

It has order 1969-70
Robert Barry

It has order

It is always changing

It is affected by other things

It affects other things

It is not confined

It is not in any specific place

It can be present, but go unnoticed

To know of it is to be part of it

On It has order 1969-70
Allyson Strafella

Red Field | Green Field

Start, move, stop: the pleasure of moving ink across the page.

Notes from the conservator:
‘…the tape leaching was definitely not his intention.’

This is no mere axis.
An aerial view is fragmented and not.

Let me reiterate.

Field, land, furrows, flag.

A cloak of everywhere. Of everyday.

Stripping away text, arriving at a line.
Is this yours or mine?

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