Allyson Strafella on Richard Tuttle

Thirty-five lines on Step (#35),
Including the presence of this heading
And the spaces between:

A step to where?
Are all 35 necessary to get us there?
I think yes, but not so.
Seemingly informal squares.
Located, they have purpose;
I may never know.

Disintegrating landscape, unloosened.
Pixellated image of landscape?
An imagescape triumphed by larger ground,
Or rearranged by influence from within?

Each particle responds to another
In disregard of how actions appear.

20. Pattern of aleatory thinking.
21. Archaic intuitive calendar.
22. Windows cleared of condensation.

They are moving, not emotionally…
…the marks are moving on the page.

A profile,
A seascape,
A dance pattern?
A refusal to reveal what it is, yet a definition of space.

My eye wants to begin below, arrive above.

Green clay:
Is this the place that I think of?

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Pamela Hart says:

White space under/behind/beside
falling breath, a bit
of color teal/no green
no story – atumble -
thought cubes -
small shrubs that gather
the space like stanzas on a page